Harry Potter and the Philosopher / Sorcerer’s Stone

Malayalam Translation, First Edition, Manjul 2004

The Malayalam translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is considered the second most difficult translation to find. Asturian being the most difficult. Peter Kenneth ‘thePotterCollector’ states in his YouTube video from 2019 titled ‘6 extremely hard to find Harry Potter books’ that ‘the Malayalam translation is easily valued at $1800.’ He states that there were 2000 of these books printed in India, and being from India, it is considered that many of the 2000 books would not have survived, and those that have are in extremely poor condition. Even in poor condition this is still an extremely rare and collectable book.

This copy has been read, it has all of the pages present and in tact with no rips or tears of any kind. There are some minor creases to the front cover and creases along the spine of the book, but all things considered, especially with the Malayalam Harry Potter books coming out of India being notoriously in terrible condition, this is in pretty good shape. The inner flaps to the front and back covers are still present and in great shape, the interior of the book is extremely clean, with only one small ownership inscription on one of the preliminary pages. The fore edge shows a small name stamped, again possibly a previous owner’s name. The gold foiling from the front cover and spine is missing and the silver Manjul sticker from the front cover is no longer present as is with 99% of these books. Only a handful of these books are known to exist in Collector’s hands with full gold foiling and sticker present.


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