About Potter Rare Books

Expertise and obsession with Harry Potter books

Potter Rare Books was founded by Mike Rawson. Mike started out solely as a collector of Harry Potter rare and signed books as well as the different authorised translations of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Mike’s expertise and obsession with Harry Potter books led him to start a retail business buying and selling books. Potter Rare Books was born and the rest is history.

Mike is well known in the Harry Potter book circles as very particular when it comes to a book’s condition. He makes an effort to only buy books in the very best condition possible. If Mike lists a book as in fine or pristine condition, you can guarantee the book you’ll receive is perfect. Any flaws with the book, even the smallest of blemishes will be detailed in the description accompanied by an extensive gallery of photos showing the book and dust jacket from all angles.

Our signed books are 100% authentic

With regards to signed books by JK Rowling, there are a huge number of forgeries in the marketplace. Mike works extremely closely with Adam Houston (The Harry Potter Specialist) , the world’s leading expert when it comes to identifying forgeries. If Adam says it’s fake, it’s fake! No doubt about it. We don’t buy signed books without getting Adam’s approval. All of our books come with his Letter of Authenticity (LoA) and a collector card often detailing where and when the book was signed. So have peace of mind that our signed books are 100% authentic.